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About Aluminium Design and Works

Dedicated to superior workmanship ADW prides in great, well trained, skilled and qualified staff compliment with vast experience in Custom Aluminium Structure Fabrication and Glass fittings.

Project Solutions

We have the capacity to handle commercial and residential projects of any size.

Retail Solutions

We have a wide range of aluminium supplies in stock at competitive prices.

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Here is a walk through of our Office. Take a look at the products that we have in stock, our pricing is affordable and we guarantee you the best value for your investment

Our Product Range

Aluminium Doors

We custom make a wide range of Aluminium Doors that include Patio Sliding Door...

Office Partitions

There are a number of ways you can partition your home or office space and...

Skylights / Rooflights

Skylights are located on the roof. A skylight can provide your home with...

Suspended Ceilings

These types of ceilings are ideal for office spaces. Installing and uninstalling is easy...

Architectural Hardware

Available in our stock is a variety of all the hardware needed in aluminium fixes such as Lock...

Aluminium Windows

We design and manufacture different types of window sections according...


These are a great choice for business entrances. The window arrangements can...

Aluminium shower cubicles

We design and manufacture different glass types according to customer...

Aluminium Sections

Available in our stock are channels mostly used in many construction projects...

Mantrap Booths

These are common on bank entrances and high security buildings. A mantrap is...

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No. 13 Nuffiled Road
No. 31 Douglas Road
Workington, Harare

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TEL: +263 242 748 442/454
Chido: 0772479568
Tariro: 0772319041
Kudakwashe: 0772614571

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